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Question   Photos
Hello Bob, your photos are exceptionally beautiful! A friend sent me the link to your site and I am so glad she did. Great work!

- Carol A. Grady September 26, 2010

  Answer I hate my life but at least this makes it beaarble.

- Jetsyn Jetsyn  January 07, 2012

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Question   Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain NP is one of my favorite places to visit. You have captured some of my favorite sites there. Especially the wind blown stumps way up in the higher altitudes. I am always intrigued by them. They look so lonely. Soldiers of the heights, having seen so many stormy battles yet still standing. Jayne mentioned your site on her blog. She was right it was well worth the time to come look at your photos. Cheers.

- Lisa Bowman February 26, 2010

  Answer - Sheldon, well since this was my first show back after a 1-2 year hiatus I found myeslf shooting in Shutter Priority and adjusted my exposure compensation in order to get close to good exposure. I always shoot in RAW format so that also affords me the luxury of being off on my exposure a bit. I just really try to get the exposure as close to perfect as I can in camera knowing if I miss by a little I can adjust for it in post processing. After this show I switched back to shooting in Manual Mode. I had played with AV and TV modes previously but just feel much more confident shooting concerts in full manual now. In manual, once I get a good feel for my exposure settings if I see a burst of light that could possibly blow out my photo, I just stop down my aperture on the fly in order to get the shot then once the burst of light goes away ill adjust back to where I was prior to. I'll chimp for a shot or two here and there just as a cursory check but I don't spend much time doing that since time is not on my side while in the pit! hehee.

- Putra Putra  May 03, 2012

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Question   Enjoyed you site!
Beautiful work!I too am na avid photographer in the Dalton area, aspiring to be half as good as this!Love your lighthouses.

- Monica Whaley November 19, 2008

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Question   Pretty!
Dr Burns,
Besides being a great doctor, your a great photographer. :) These are pretty pictures. You are very talented. Besides, you've helped my leg heal. :)

God bless!

- Deborah Leonard August 06, 2008

  Answer I had no idea how to approach this before-now I'm lokced and loaded.

- Joyelle Joyelle  January 06, 2012

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Question   photographs
Dr. Burns,

You are a master of the camera, Sir! Those are awesome pictures. You are very talented and I can't wait to see some new ones!! Keep Rocking Dr. B!

- Heidi Jones July 21, 2008

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Question   pics
Snip Daddy--Very cool photos. You capture the true essence of your subjects. You will always have the option of a second career...just always remember us "little" people when you're famous!
Cara Watkins

- Cara Watkins May 14, 2008

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Question   comment about photo's
Hello Bob I could not wait to get home and check out your web site. Your photo's are beatiful,Ruby and I enjoyed going through all the photo's on your site (update your site ASAP),also enjoyed the conversation Wednesday especially the advice you gave the young girl about she could be anything she wanted to be in life I think you'll remember the conversation with her father.

-  November 01, 2007

  Answer Thanks, Buck.

- Robert A. Burns  November 02, 2007

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Question   Looking
Just to let you know I finally woke up and found your page. Good Job!

-  October 25, 2007

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Question   Beautiful
Dr. Burns,

Dr. Hoy had shared your website with us here at the office. Your pictures are portraits!! They are absolutely beautiful!!!! I have always loved photography.

Dalton Family Practice

-  June 20, 2007

  Answer Thanks, Beverly.


- Robert A. Burns  June 20, 2007

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Question   Your Photos Are Beautiful
Hi Mr. Burns,
I took a peek at your gallery as a classmate and then looked at your website and add a huge WOW!!!
I am so impressed by your skills!
I just found out about Better Photo at the end of February and this is my 7th class. I am working hard to learn as much as I can!!! Can't wait for the day until I get to your level!
Cheers to you!

-  March 18, 2007

  Answer Thanks, Susan.


- Robert A. Burns  March 18, 2007

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Question   Greetings from Greenville!
Hello Dr. Burns!

Someone sent me a link to your site. WOW! You were always the genius doc, but now this. I am so impressed. I had always said that if I were in an accident to call you, but now if I find myself needing to be photographed, I'll have to do the same. I particularly liked the Tour de GA shot, as we've taken an interest in the sport (watching only, ha!) since moving to Greenville, residence of Lance's loyal teammate, George Hincapie, and site of the US Cycling Pro Championships for the next few years. And of course I was interested the shots of Laura and Sandra, both as beautiful as ever!

-  January 30, 2007

  Answer Thanks, Gail. It was nice hearing from you.

- Robert A. Burns  January 30, 2007

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Question   Bravo Doc!
Beautiful work! It has moved me and awakened my forgotten love for photography. I've now been inspired to break out the camera again to pursue that once in a lifetime shot! I have enjoyed and appreciate your web site and plan to add it to my favorites.

-  December 06, 2006

  Answer Thanks, Jeff.

- Robert A. Burns  January 30, 2007

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Question   Happy New Year!
I've been enjoying your gallery this New Year's Day. Your work is truly beautiful and inspiring.I'll look forward to your 2006 additions.

-  January 01, 2006

  Answer Thanks, Ron.

- Robert A. Burns  January 01, 2006

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Question   Nice Work!
Thanks for the tour! You have a great eye and talent for photography. I have been shooting full time for 25 years and would be proud if I could call some of your work my own. Nice meeting you and Keep the Arts Alive!

-  December 29, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Todd. I appreciate the consistently excellent photography that you do for the Daily Citizen.


- Robert A. Burns  December 29, 2005

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Question   Photography and Medicine? What a mix!
I truly believe photography and medicine go hand in hand. You will find all of us at Dr. Michael Witt's office on your website quite frequently. Your photos are so breath-taking. Living in Chatsworth, we all love the pictures at Fort Mountain State Park. We would like to know, Was photography or medicine your first love? Sincerely, Dr. Witt's office staff

-  December 28, 2005

  Answer Medicine was my first love. I was smitten as early as the second grade.

Photography is my passion.


- Robert A. Burns  December 28, 2005

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Question   General comment
You have an amazing talent in both medicine and photography. We are glad you reminded us to check out your site, we have enjoyed it very much. You do a great job as a photographer. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them with us.

-  December 21, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Doug and Sandra.

- Robert A. Burns  December 22, 2005

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What a natural talent you have, but I would not expect any less from a man like you. Keep up the great work.

Carolyn / Cutting Edge Salon

-  October 28, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Carolyn.

- Robert A. Burns  October 29, 2005

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Question   You've certainly got some talent.
I was in to see you today and you gave me your card. I know you know who I am... Maybe. ;)

Anyway, for saying you've only been into it for 2 some-odd years, you're showing promise and talent that people who've been at it for many more years have.

I hope you don't stop being a surgeon any time soon (as you're great at that), but you may be able to make a full-time career out of this if your name gets around more.

Awesome work. It's inspired me to delve even deeper into my own photography.

I'll be seeing you around, more than likely. Take care.

-  October 24, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Melissa. And of course I know who you are.

- Robert A. Burns  October 24, 2005

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Question   Good work...
Bob - I enjoyed my re-visit to your site this evening, and continue to be impressed with your work. Thanks also for your interest and contributions to our new local camera club
in Dalton. I look forward to seeing your efforts this Fall when the color arrives!
- Carl

-  October 13, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Carl. And congratulations on your Weather Channel photos.

- Robert A. Burns  October 24, 2005

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Question   Beautiful Pictures
Dr. Burns Your pictures are breathtaking. I have worked with Sandra for several years at ADAC and have heard all about your hobby !!!! I am so glad Sandra gave me your card with your website address. Sharon S.

-  August 22, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Sharon.

- Robert A. Burns  August 22, 2005

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