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from  Greetings from Greenville!

Hello Dr. Burns!

Someone sent me a link to your site. WOW! You were always the genius doc, but now this. I am so impressed. I had always said that if I were in an accident to call you, but now if I find myself needing to be photographed, I'll have to do the same. I particularly liked the Tour de GA shot, as we've taken an interest in the sport (watching only, ha!) since moving to Greenville, residence of Lance's loyal teammate, George Hincapie, and site of the US Cycling Pro Championships for the next few years. And of course I was interested the shots of Laura and Sandra, both as beautiful as ever!  Previous Response:
from Robert A. Burns
on January 30, 2007
 Thanks, Gail. It was nice hearing from you. 

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